Custom Stringing 101: Mesh, Shooting strings, and V’s vs. Straight’s

Here is a quick run down from one of our custom stringers for all you beginners, and parents out there. If your looking at getting a custom stringing job, it can be a little terrifying at first with all the different options. Here is a some help to make it a little easier.


Beginner mesh should always be soft mesh. New players need to learn how to catch and a soft mesh pocket is the first step to that goal.

Intermediate and expert mesh vary based on the type of player. Harder mesh is better for more skilled players and especially shooters. You can still get a great performing pocket strung with hard mesh, but the newer meshes are more durable and have properties – be they wax or material – that increases their consistency in harsh conditions.

Shoelaces vs. Nylons

3 laces will give you a similar feel to a nylon and two straights, but the main difference is that the nylon shooter eliminates any “click” of the ball on the scoop of the head that can develop over time. A nylon also adds a bit more snap to a release and is more consistent over a longer period of time than a lace shooter.

V’s vs. Straight

V strings are becoming a thing of the past in most players sticks and are rumored to become illegal — as they are in the NCAA right now — in a year or so. They help with ball retention and add whip to any stick set up by assisting the channel of any pocket. Now pockets can be strung without the U’s or V’s, but they are still great for adding whip to sticks and I recommend them if you’re a big shooter or if you have played with them for a long time and do not want to change.

If you are looking to string a men’s head, you can find all of custom stringing jobs here!

For women’s lacrosse heads, custom stringing jobs can be found here!

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