New in stock! Brine King Swizz SC attack Lacrosse Shaft

Brine continues its all star line up with the new Brine King Swizz SC Attack Lacrosse Shaft. The Brine King Swizz SC features a new CONTROL DIE SHAPE and improved SCANDIUM BLEND, the King is lighter and nearly 3x stronger than previous models. The shape is reminiscent of Epoch’s Dragonfly Xtreme concave design, but brings a bit more to the table. They have taken the con-caved design and applied it to each face of the shaft for a more dynamic look and feel.

Brine's Glide Grip feature

Brine’s Glide Grip feature

It also features the latest in texture technology, GLIDE GRIP is a raised grip at the top & bottom of the shaft that gradually glides your hands into place. The raised grip provides a different feel than the rest of the shaft; the effect is for friction to build up for better grip of the lacrosse shaft.

Weight has been measured at 6.4 oz. with end cap and 6.0 oz. without end cap.

For color options and purchasing Click Here!

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