Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shafts

How are Carbon Fiber Shafts made?

Carbon Fiber shafts are made by rolling carbon fiber into shape and continuously pressing the material together. In doing so, It makes the shaft more versatile . Carbon Fiber material allows the shaft to bend while under extreme stress during contact with other objects rather than shatter or crack. For this reason, composite shafts have become popular as a tool to increase shooting speed.

“Composite/Carbon Fiber lacrosse shafts are made of high grade carbon fiber, allowing for great strength and weight. The composite lacrosse shaft allows for ultimate feel and control. There is no need for grip tape with Composite/Carbon Fiber lacrosse handles.”

Pros vs. Cons

Pros                            Cons

-Flex                                        -Longevity

-Lightweight                      -Too Light


Recommended Positions

  • Attack
  • Midfield

More in-depth coverage on the production and advantages of Carbon Fiber shafts (more specifically, Epoch’s), can be found here. 

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