New In Stock! ECD HeroMesh. Be ELITE!

After undergoing numerous prototypes, East Coast Dyes finished with their newest product, HeroMesh.

ECD HeroMesh features


We see more often lacrosse teams and organizations are starting lacrosse while snow is still on the ground, and ending when rain and heat sink in. With ECD’s new LTH Fibers, the mesh does not shrink in early spring’s freezing temperatures, but also does not expand in late season games when summer is just around the corner. Making a perfect pocket that can last from the first practice, until your last tournament game.


ECD’s premium knitting pattern that creates the perfect diamond shape every time and adds texture to increase feel and control. Employees at ECD pay close attention to the quality of thread while the product is being made to ensure nothing but the best threads are being used to create the mesh.


The LTH Fibers are ECD’s lightest and most durable fibers used in creating mesh. Lighter mesh, means greater feel and faster shots, and who doesn’t want that?!


HeroMesh is considered a semi-soft mesh. This allows the pocket to move with the player as they throw, shoot, cradle, and catch, making HeroMesh one of the most responsive mesh’s on the market.

As of right now, HeroMesh is only available for field heads. All colors that are offered are not dyed, and instead, woven into the mesh directly.

Click Here! For purchasing and all color options.

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