Pre-orders for Limited Edition Warrior Noz 2 X Lacrosse head!

The Noz is back! The crowd favorite from Warrior now has a successor. The Warrior Noz 2 X Lacrosse head. Weighing in at just under 4.6 ounces, Warrior continues to reduce the weight of the head without sacrificing the durability with their Nitrogen infused technology. After hearing feedback from players, Warrior also increased the amount of sidewall holes to 17 for the new Noz 2 X.

The Noz had been a frequent best seller of ours, and has been sold out for a few months now. Many customers purchased two or more at the time of purchase just to make sure they had  back ups.

The Noz 2 X Lacrosse head has an expected release date of June 19th 2015. Pre-orders are available now however, so don’t delay and make sure to get your hands on one!

For more information and pre-ordering, Click Here!


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