Pre-Order Epoch Hawk Sequel Lacrosse Head


Inspired by Italian supercars, The Hawk Sequel men’s lacrosse head is engineered for maximum speed, power and control. The Laid-Back profile caters to players who prefer a mid-high pocket and a quick release. The various stringing options allow players to string multiple pockets types including those with a tight channel to a shifty pocket for all around performance.

The Sequels Scoop is ergonomically maximized for playing on artificial and natural turf and is designed to improve stick to ground contact for smooth and fast play.

The Hawk Sequel is manufactured using Epoch Lacrosse’s proprietary blend of materials for a super tough polymer for maximized stiffness and flexibility properties with UV protection. Manufactured with pride in the USA, The Epoch Hawk Sequel comes with a 1-year manufacturer limited warranty.

  • Flex iQ: 3
  • Profile: Laid Back
  • Pocket Location: Mid-High (Zone 4)
  • Spec: Universal
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Material: Composite Injected Polymer

Made in the USA

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