StringKing Jr Stick


The Complete Jr. is light, balanced, and correctly proportioned to make it perfect for backyard or youth league play.

  • Recommended for ages 0-10
  • Legal up to U11 youth league play


  • Mark Jr. Head (wider than Mark 1)
  • A7150 Jr. Shaft (thinner and shorter than A7150)
  • Type 2S Performance Mesh
  • M Pocket


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ECD Vortex Hybrid Lacrosse Mesh

ECD Vortex hybrid mesh is designed for the modern game. Featuring two distinct diamond structures, Vortex creates a SweetSpot in the pocket, giving you an unparalleled level of control and feel.

HybridWeave – Our all-new patent pending HybridWeave seamlessly and strategically incorporates two distinct diamond shapes into one dynamic mesh.

SweetSpot – Vortex’s unique diamond pattern creates a SweetSpot in your pocket that provides a natural release point and an unmatched level of feel and control.

Lightweight – LTH Fibers are extremely lightweight and durable. This translates to increased feel and faster shots, without compromising strength.

Weatherproof – Our LTH Fibers are fully weatherproof. They will not expand or contract in blistering heat, freezing cold, rain, or snow.


East Coast Dyes Vortex Mesh Semi-Hard Hybrid Lacrosse Mesh Stringing Piece

East Coast Dyes Vortex Mesh Semi-Soft Hybrid Lacrosse Mesh Stringing Piece


Check out our YouTube Videos on this NEW Lacrosse Mesh


StringKing Mark 2V Lacrosse Head


Why StringKing Mark 2V?

A better pocket.
We’ve made it easier than ever to string up the perfect pocket. 29 stringing holes on each sidewall allow for unrivaled customization and fine-tuning.

Ground ball vacuum.
We engineered the Mark 2V to guide ground balls into your pocket and keep them there. The aggressively angled scoop acts like a funnel, letting you attack the ball from any direction.

Light. Stiff. Strong.
Advanced bone-growth optimization software helped us identify low-stress areas where we could remove material without sacrificing strength – giving you a strong, light, stiff head.

No head rattle.
The lightweight bolt included with the Mark 2V goes through the front and back of our Metal 2 shafts, locking the head from both ends to stop head rattle.

6-month warranty.
We extended our quick and easy warranty to 6 months because we believe in the durability of our Mark 2 heads.

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Be sure to check out the overview on the Mark 2V Lacrosse Head on our YouTube


TRUE Frequency Lacrosse Line


TRUE Lacrosse has launched a new Lacrosse Line – Frequency


TRUE Frequency Lacrosse Heads

TRUE Frequency Lacrosse Gloves

TRUE Frequency Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

TRUE Frequency Lacrosse Arm Guards

TRUE Frequency Lacrosse Arm Pads

TRUE Frequency Lacrosse Elbow Pads

Epoch Lacrosse

Epoch Integra Protective Lacrosse Gear


Phase Change Technology:
The next generation in performance textile innovation. This proactive patented technology is engineered to absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort and moisture control. This allows you to perform at your best in all climates – longer.

Flexible Carbon Fiber (Carbitex):
Epoch’s engineers incorporated Non-Rigid Stabilized Carbon Fiber into the design for improved protection. This extremely lightweight and “flexible” carbon fiber has improved impact protection and abrasion resistance making Integra the new choice for today’s top players.

Tri-Layer Dual Density Foam Stack:
Epoch’s engineers created a triple density foam stack which layers up the foam (in stacks) with the softer foam on the bottom layer and a denser polyethylene on the top layer for added protection against checks and impacts.

Epoch Integra Lacrosse Gloves

Epoch Integra Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Epoch Integra Lacrosse Arm Guards

Epoch Integra Lacrosse Arm Pads

Epoch Integra Lacrosse Elbow Caps

Epoch Integra Lacrosse Goalie Gloves